outh Florida Senior Living is a Senior Placement Agency. Our purpose is to bring individuals and families together with appropriate Senior Living communities. We match you or your loved one with a community that meets you at your point of need—physically, financially, emotionally and socially. In a word, we work to see individuals thrive in an environment that provides the highest attainable quality of life.

South Florida Senior Living does all of the work for you. We proudly specialize in Independent Living, Assisted Living & Alzheimer’s Care Communities throughout South Florida. Let our experience, knowledge and expertise navigate through this difficult process for you – AT NO COST TO YOU. Ours is a vital service that saves time and money for you, your loved one and for the communities we present.

We benefit our clients by removing all the guesswork and legwork associated with identifying, evaluating and ultimately selecting an appropriate community and care team for you or your loved one. By removing the guesswork we give you peace of mind. Know you’ve taken the time to understand and evaluate all the options available. By eliminating the legwork, we return to you the single most valuable commodity—time. Any effort less than exhaustive and you’re relying on luck to identify an appropriate community and situation.  Understand all the options available. Base your choice on knowledge.

The added layer of scrutiny and valuation South Florida Senior Living offers you is absolutely free. And, our expertise is essential to your sound decision-making. In almost every case the consumer has no knowledge of the communities they are considering. Base your choice on knowledge and professionally assessed information.

We work to identify and present a living environment befitting your past, your present and your future. In addition to ensuring that a community has the appropriate professionals, amenities, activities, and tools to serve your needs, we assess the fellow residents. These are the people who you will spend the majority of your time with and you must be comfortable sharing and exploring life with and alongside them. Fellow residents play a tremendous role in ensuring that the individual’s life is both enriched and rich. South Florida Senior Living spends a tremendous amount of time making certain your fellow residents are the friends and supporters you can have for a lifetime.

Who We Represent:

Because our focus is on representing you, the individual and your family, our list of South Florida and statewide Senior Living communities is virtually endless. We have no core group of communities, only a core philosophy. That core philosophy hinges on finding a perfect match for our clients and their families. By using a set criterion of evaluation, complimented by the flexibility to consider numerous options that are as unique as the individuals we serve, South Florida Senior Living remains focused solely on the people and the lives we represent. Every community solution we present is dictated solely by the needs and desires of the people we serve. This is as it should be.

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