South Florida Senior Living President and CEO Kim Boyes

Kim Boyes


im Boyes has a strong background in Senior Living, having worked for many years in Independent and Assisted living communities throughout South Florida. Her affinity for senior living residents began when in her position in the medical field, working with post surgery patients; she came into close contact with both residents and a variety of communities. She simply enjoyed helping her patients acclimate. Today, this remains her joy. Kim Boyes brings experience, knowledge and the often touted, but too rarely demonstrated compassion.

Kim Boyes spent the better part of a decade working at a single community. She learned, but mostly she listened. What she heard made her cry, laugh and want to listen some more. Every person she encountered had a story. To each person and each family she made only two promises: “I promised they would never give up their independence no matter how much care they needed. And I promised that their stories would continue. I promised that this day, the first day, begins a new chapter. I meant it. I still mean it.”

I make you the same promise. Turn the page with the help of South Florida Senior Living. With this chapter, the story only gets better.


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